1506-55 Belgium RD'OR NGC MS62

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1506-55 Belgium RD’Or Fr-57 Brabant MS-62 NGC

The coin is a "Rider d'Or" (RD'OR) from the region now known as Belgium, specifically Brabant, minted between 1506 and 1555. This period spans the reigns of two significant Habsburg rulers: Charles V and his son, Philip II of Spain.

The observe includes a depiction of a mounted knight, symbolizing the martial prowess and chivalric ideals of the ruler. This image represents the ruler as a warrior king. The inscription includes the name and title of the ruler. For Charles V, it reads as "CAROLUS V ROM IMP" (Charles V, Roman Emperor).

The reverse features the coat of arms and heraldic symbols of the Duchy of Brabant. This also includes the Brabant lion and other regional emblems. The design also incorporate a cross or fleurs-de-lis, emphasizing the Christian faith and royal authority.