1467-68 ENG RYAL Edward IV NGC AU53

The 1467-68 Gold Ryal of Edward IV, graded NGC AU53, is a remarkable coin from the late medieval period, offering a glimpse into the political and economic landscape of 15th-century England. This coin, also known as a "Rose Noble," is highly prized for its historical significance and intricate design.

Edward IV's reign (1461-1470, 1471-1483) was marked by the Wars of the Roses, a series of dynastic conflicts between the houses of Lancaster and York. Edward IV, from the House of York, secured the throne after several battles against the Lancastrians. His reign brought a period of relative stability and economic recovery to England, and the issuance of gold coins like the Ryal was part of his efforts to solidify his rule and bolster the economy.

The Ryal, or Rose Noble, is a large gold coin introduced by Edward IV as part of a broader monetary reform. The obverse features a striking image of the king standing in a ship, holding a sword and a shield bearing the royal arms, symbolizing England's naval power and Edward's claim to the throne. The design is surrounded by a legend that includes a prayer or a statement of the king’s authority.

The reverse usually displays a large rose, a symbol of the House of York, surrounded by a sunburst design. This imagery reinforces the king’s legitimacy and divine right to rule. The inscriptions on both sides of the coin reflect Edward IV’s intent to convey strength and stability through his coinage.