1433-1467 Flanders Cavalier D'Or Philip the Good NGC MS60

$9,525.00 USD


Ghent mint, Fr-183, Delm-487.

Obverse: PH'S : DЄI : GRΛ : DVX : BVRG : ? : COMЄ | S : FLΛHDRIЄ, armored knight on horseback galloping right and brandishing sword; in exergue: x FLΛD' x

Reverse: + SIT : nOMЄИ : DOMIИI : BЄИЄDICTVM : ΛMЄИ : (briquet), Burgundian arms with inescutcheon of Flanders superimposed on a cross fleurée.

An attractive piece with little striking weakness and slightly grainy surfaces, there are few marks visible upon initial inspection. This issue was the first unified gold coinage of the Burgundian Netherlands.