1430-67 Belgium Gold CD'OR Philip the Good NGC MS 62

$6,413.00 USD

The Belgium Gold Cavalier d'Or of Philip the Good, graded NGC MS 62, is a coin of considerable historical and numismatic significance. Minted during the reign of Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy (1419-1467), this coin reflects the economic prosperity and political power of Burgundy in the late Middle Ages. The Cavalier d'Or was a high-value gold coin used in significant transactions and trade, symbolizing the wealth and influence of Philip's court.

The obverse of the Cavalier d'Or features an intricate design of a mounted knight, symbolizing chivalry and the martial prowess of the Burgundian state. This depiction is surrounded by inscriptions that denote Philip's titles and affirm his authority. The detailed craftsmanship and artistic quality of the coin highlight the high standards of minting during this period.

The reverse side displays the coat of arms of the Duchy of Burgundy, with heraldic symbols such as the cross of Burgundy or the floriated cross. These elements emphasize the ducal lineage and the prestigious heritage of Philip the Good's rule.