1422-61 France Gold ECU D'OR King Charles VII NGC MS 60

$3,713.00 USD

The 1422-61 France Gold Écu d'Or, minted during the reign of King Charles VII, is a remarkable piece of medieval numismatic history. This coin was struck during a pivotal era in French history, encompassing the latter stages of the Hundred Years' War. King Charles VII's reign was notably secured by the heroic efforts of Joan of Arc, who played a crucial role in lifting the siege of Orléans and leading to the eventual French victory over the English. The Écu d'Or not only represents the economic resilience of France during these tumultuous times but also serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of Charles VII's reign.

Observe and Reverse
Obverse: The obverse of this coin features the crowned coat-of-arms of King Charles VII, symbolizing royal authority and the sovereignty of the French crown.

Reverse: The reverse showcases an ornate cross fleury, with a star at its center and inward-facing fleur-de-lis in each angle, all within a double polylobe. Each angle of the polylobe is adorned with a crown, further emphasizing the regal nature of this coinhttps://www.govmint.com/france-1422-1461-gold-ecu-or-charles-vii-ngc-ms62.

This exquisite piece, graded MS 60 by NGC, is a valuable addition to any collection, reflecting the rich history and artistry of medieval France.