1422-53 France Gold Salut D'OR King Henry VI NGC AU 53

$3,375.00 USD

The France Gold Salut d'Or of King Henry VI, graded NGC AU 53, is a historically significant coin from the period when Henry VI of England also claimed the French throne (1422-1453). This coin reflects the dual monarchy's complex political dynamics during the Hundred Years' War. The Salut d'Or was a high-value coin, used in substantial transactions and symbolizing the intertwined fates of England and France.

The obverse features an elaborate depiction of the Annunciation, with the Archangel Gabriel greeting the Virgin Mary. This religious imagery is surrounded by Latin inscriptions praising the event and often includes the king's titles. The intricate design and high level of artistry highlight the coin's significance and the period's religious devotion.

The reverse side displays the royal coats of arms of both England and France, emphasizing Henry VI's claim to both thrones. The shield is adorned with fleurs-de-lis and lions, symbols of French and English royalty. Inscriptions around the shield typically include religious or royal mottos, reinforcing Henry VI's legitimacy and authority.