1422-1453 Anglo-Gal. (France) Gold Salut D'OR, King Henry VI NGC MS62

$5,270.00 USD


Saint-Lô mint, 2nd Emission, from 6 September 1423, Fr-301, Duplessy-443A, Elias-271.

Obverse: (lis mm) hЄИRICVS : DЄI : GRA : FRACORV : ? : AGLIЄ : RЄX, the Virgin Mary standing behind the arms of France facing the Archangel Gabriel standing behind the quartered arms of France and England, handing her a scroll bearing AVЄ beneath the light of God.

Reverse: (lis mm) XPC' * VINCIT * XPC' * RЄGNAT * XPC' * IMPЄRAT, Latin cross above "h" within tressure of arches, a lis and leopard to either side. A marvelously detailed piece with light tone and frosty surfaces.