1419-67 Belgium Gold Lion D'OR Philippe Le Bon NGC MS 61

$9,113.00 USD

The Belgium Gold Lion d'Or of Philippe Le Bon, graded NGC MS 61, is a prized relic from the era of Philip the Good (1419-1467), Duke of Burgundy. This coin stands as a testament to Burgundy's economic and political prominence during the late Middle Ages. The Lion d'Or was not merely a currency but a symbol of Burgundy's influence across Europe, used in major transactions and diplomatic exchanges.

On its obverse, the coin features a lion rampant holding a shield adorned with the cross of Burgundy, symbolizing strength and sovereignty. Surrounding this central motif are inscriptions detailing Philip's titles and authority, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship of the Burgundian mint.

The reverse displays the coat of arms of the Duchy of Burgundy, incorporating elements like the cross of Burgundy and fleurs-de-lis, symbols of territorial ambitions and dynastic heritage. Inscriptions around the shield often affirm Philip's legitimacy and lineage. Graded NGC MS 61, this coin's excellent uncirculated condition preserves its original detail and luster, making it a highly coveted piece for collectors and enthusiasts interested in the rich history of medieval Burgundy.