1419-1467 Flanders Gold Lion D'OR Philippe Le Bon NGC MS62

$9,525.00 USD


Bruges mint, 4.22g, Fr-185, Delm-489, Schneider-163.

Obverse: PhS : DЄI : GRΛ : DVX : BVRG : COM : FLΛND', lion seated left beneath a Gothic canopy, a briquette to either side.

Reverse: + SIT : nOMЄИ : DOMIИI : BЄNЄDICTVM : ΛMЄИ : (briquet), Burgundian arms with inescutcheon of Flanders superimposed on a cross fleurée.

An appealing example, and scarce, with an overall even strike and much residual luster. Only 1 Known Finer!