1380-22 A.D'OR France PCGS AU58 Angers

$3,830.40 USD

The A.D'OR, or Agnel d'Or, was minted during the reign of Charles VI, known as "Charles the Mad," who ruled France from 1380 to 1422. His reign was marked by political turmoil and the ongoing Hundred Years' War. The Agnel d'Or was a significant coin of the era, reflecting the wealth and the complex socio-political landscape of medieval France.

The obverse of the Agnel d'Or features a lamb, which is a Christian symbol representing Jesus as the Lamb of God. This imagery was meaningful during a time when religion played a central role in daily life and governance

The reverse displays a floriated cross within a quadrilobe, a design that resonates with the Gothic art prevalent during the late Middle Ages in France. The cross symbolizes Christianity, while the quadrilobe represent the four evangelists or the earth's four corners.