1380- 1422 Gold Ecu D'Or King Charles VI NGC MS62

$3,545.00 USD


Fr-291. Limoges mint, (dot under the 10th letter indicates this mint). Legends blundered in spots, yet crown and reverse quadrilobe are bold. Worthy of a premium bid.

Obverse: +KAROLVS: DЄI: GRACIA: FRAnCORVm: RЄX (double saltire stops), crowned royal shield.

Reverse: +XPC ? VIИCIT ? XPC ? RЄGИAT ? XPC ? IИPЄRAT, cross fleury, star within curvilinear rhombus-shaped center, inward-facing lis in angles; all within quadrilobe with crowns in spandrels. Well-struck and blessed by a light tangerine tone.