1350-1364 Gold Mouton D'Or Jean II Le Bon NGC MS62

$13,668.75 USD

Jean II le Bon gold Mouton d'Or ND (1350-1364) MS62 NGC, Paris mint, Fr-280, Dup-291, Ciani-354, Lafaurie-294. 4.62gm. +ΛGn • DЄI • TOLL • PCCA • mVNDI • mISЄRЄRЄ • nOB, nimbate Agnus Dei standing left, head turned right, long cross with banner behind; all within tressure broken by IOh' | RЄX below / XP'C ‡ VIИCIT ‡ XP'C ‡ RЄGИAT ‡ XP'C ‡ IMPЄRAT, cross fleury with lis in angles, within quatrefoil with lis in spandrels. Emission from 17 January 1355. Boldly struck and beaming with luster, a superb near-choice example of this popular "Paschal Lamb" type.