1346-1384 Flanders Gold Chaise D'Or Louis II de Male PCGS MS62

$6,223.00 USD


Fr-163; DeMey-205. Louis II de Male came to power upon the death of his father at the Battle of Crecy against Edward III of England, when he inherited Flanders, Nevers, and Rethel. Highly dependent on the English wool trade, he was forced to recognize Edward III as his overlord, but the arranged marriage to Edward III's daughter, Isabela, was more than Louis could stomach, and he fled to the court of France. His eventual marriage to Margaret of Brabant in 1347 set-off a rebellion in Ghent. Struck at the height of the bubonic plague in continental Europe, the coin carries with it a rich numismatic past. Well centered, boldly struck, with full readable legends and terrific luster. Quite scarce at this grade level, and highly desirable.