1282-1285 Sicily, Gold Pierre NGC MS67

$41,250.00 USD

Sicily. Pietro de Aragon & Constanza de Hohenstaufen (1282-1285) gold Pierreale d'oro ND MS67 NGC, Messina mint, Fr-654, MEC-756, Biaggi-1301, MIR-170. + o P o DЄI o GR'A o ARAGOn o SICIL : RЄX o || + o SUMMA o POTЄnCIA o ЄS o T o In DЄO o, concentric legends around arms of Aragon / + COSTA • DЄI • GRA • ARAG • SICIL' RЄG || + XPS • VInCIT • XPS • RЄGnAT • XPS • IMPAT, concentric legends around uncrowned Hohenstaufen eagle. An exquisite survivor of this issue, typically well-struck but with pristine surfaces, essentially as it was made. This variety is believed to have been struck with an uncrowned eagle between June 1282 and April 1283, prior to the arrival of Constanza on Sicily.

Gold Pierre, Sicily, Messina, Pietro & Constanza. Unbelievable preservation for the age! Superb Gem! Exceedingly Rare in this condition!