The Alarming US and Global Debt Levels

And the Imminent Collapse of the US Dollar

The United States and the world are awash in massive record debt levels. Government debt to GDP per country and external debt to GDP per country has skyrocketed to staggering record levels. Many top economists around the world are now sounding the alarm that these debt levels are unsustainable and if they can ever be fully paid back, which can signal an unprecedented currency collapse. We are at a point where these currencies are being devalued, and we’re having to create more debt to offset the loss of the value of these currencies, including the U.S. dollar.

Episode 01: "How Indebted the US is truly?

Let’s take a look at how indebted the United States truly is. In 2022, the total United States debt of JUST unfunded liabilities stands at more than $168 trillion dollars. And by 2030, it will balloon to $270 trillion dollars. However, the United States Tax Revenue today stands at $4.1 trillion dollars, but will only rise to $7.3 trillion dollars by 2030.

Episode 02 : Inflation and the Rising Cost of Living

The basic costs of living…food, electricity, gas, shelter skyrocketed for Americans as inflation hit a 40 year high in January, with prices rising 7.5% from last January. The average US household is spending an additional $250 a month because of inflation according to analysts.Gasoline, close to $4 per gallon in most of the country, is more costly than any time since 2014, with inventories at the lowest level in five years. Meanwhile natural gas, which provides more than 30% of all U.S. electricity and a lot of wintertime heating, has more than doubled this year to $5 per million Btu.

Episode 03 : How to Preserve your Wealth Against the Coming Storm

As a way to hedge and preserve your wealth, gold has always been a store of wealth, and in times of extreme financial conditions or another global financial meltdown, precious metals and rare coins are not just a store for wealth preservation, but a wealth creator for hundreds of years. Reagan White House Budget Director and best-selling author David Stockman recommends that everybody should be holding some gold as insurance against the coming reset. Even billionaire and astute investor Sam Zell, who has been a lifelong gold pundit, has recently bought gold to hedge against surging inflation. Based on today’s current price, some investors say the price of gold more than double to $4,000 in 3 years