Hard Asset Management’s CEO, Mr. Christian Briggs, has been involved in the hard assets since 1987. In addition to holding executive positions in several prominent rare coin and precious metals companies, Mr. Briggs has turned his childhood passion into building one of the world's premier hard asset management firms – Hard Asset Management, Inc.

The team at Hard Asset Management is known for the ability to find undervalued items within the hard asset community of rare and ultra-rare coins. Hard Asset Management researches all areas of the global markets including the emerging countries to find the right opportunities at the right times to make rare coin and precious metals purchasing and selling recommendations. Whether economic growth is on the rise, stalled or in-decline within established or emerging countries hard assets are always in demand. This has allowed our clients the flexibility to always be proactive in their decision-making on purchasing or taking profits.

Coinage of many countries including United States, Asia, Europe, and even Eastern Europe has shown incredible growth in value. As the economies of the emerging markets continue to grow and prosper it offers individuals an opportunity for long term capital appreciation and potential huge profits. Mr. Briggs was a major buyer of early Russian gold and platinum 3, 5, 6, and 12 Rouble coins in the late 80s and 90s. He personally recommended these pieces to many collectors/investors over the years as an attractive undervalued asset.

Now some 25 plus years later those exact coins are worth multiples of what they were purchased for and Mr. Brigg’s clients are reaping massive returns. Hard Asset Management’s approach is to make strategic recommendations on what to buy, when to buy and when to sell. It’s a revolutionary way to collect/invest in hard assets. Taking out the guesswork is the key to maximizing returns for the long term. He has managed one of the most active inventories of U.S. and world rare coins in the world. He has also successfully managed our Hard Asset Management services for collectors/investors for many years.