You're Watching: Global Financial Crisis 

The world global debt hit an historical and frightening level of $277 trillion dollars at the end 2020, which includes the United States, China, Europe, and many other G20 countries around the world. This debt is a stunning 320% of the world’s GDP. The debt-to-GDP ratio is what a country owes compared to what it produces. Government debt to GDP per country and external debt to GDP per country has skyrocketed to levels that many analysts are warning because of what they believe cannot be sustained. Many experts now believe we have reached the tipping point of no return where it may not be possible that this debt can be paid back. At some point, these currencies may have to be devalued by either their respective governments or by major market corrections that will decimate the value of their respected currencies and paper assets, including stocks, bonds, and even real estate.

The staggering U.S. national debt has inflated from 10 trillion in 2008 to close to 28 trillion today. Even more alarming, in 1980 the US National Debt was $914 billion compared to $517 billion in Federal Tax Revenue, a negative 76% ratio. In 2016, the National Debt was $20 trillion compared to $3.26 trillion in Tax Revenue, a negative 610% ratio. And by 2024 the National Debt is estimated to balloon to $48 trillion compared to $4.8 trillion in Tax Revenue, a negative 1,000% ratio. But wait, it gets much worse. By 2028, the National Debt is estimated to hit a staggering $85 trillion while the tax revenue will barely move up to $6.7 trillion, and incredibly alarming negative 1,268% ratio. With tax revenue flatlining while the national debt explodes, this is a recipe for disaster.

But that’s not everything. Let’s break it down by 2028…Federal Reserve debt, state debt, student loan debt, credit card debt, social security liabilities debt, medicare liabilities debt. The United States and the world is awash in record debt.

The REAL debt level when adding up all debt and unfunded liabilities of the United States by 2028 is 266 trillion dollars which equates to over 745 thousand per citizen, verses $6.7 trillion dollars tax revenue base. We are just a few years away from what could be the greatest financial collapse in world history. With nearly 300 trillion in unfunded liability debt, the United States will barely be able to pay interest on that debt using 100% of the tax revenue. By 2028, the entire world may be mired in a massive depression. 

What’s the solution when the next global financial crisis hits?

Let’s look at what you can do so you don’t have to make this catastrophe your own. Precious metals including gold, silver, and select rare coins have shown consistent growth during strong economic times, but they’ve shown unparalleled multiple gains when tracked against economic downturns and great recessions like what many experts are predicting is just around the corner. And now, with the pandemic crisis of 2020, stocks were at 28,652 in December 2019 before a major downward correction of 37 percent by March 2020. Because of that, gold surged from $1,459 in early March to $2,063 by early August. After hitting $2,000 an ounce, many analysts and leading gold experts are now raising their estimates on gold prices, predicting gold could surge up to $25,000 an ounce. Warren Buffett recently put a billions of dollars into gold while selling off much of his stocks. 

Hard Asset Management is one of the world's premier rare coin and precious metals dealer/firms, specializing in all types of bullion related products, including US gold eagles, silver eagles, as well as gold, silver, and platinum kilo bars. On top of that, we make recommendations on select rare coins that are undervalued and have the potential for strong growth over the long term. We make client-specific recommendations on when to buy select rarities, and more importantly, when to sell those rarities for a profit. Our Senior Account Executives work directly with our in-house research team to determine and identify which specific rarities are best suited to a client's individual portfolio and short-term and long-term investment goals.  Here are some examples of the types of coins that we recommend over the last 5, 10, 20, even 30 years. 

A 1964 Special Strike Kennedy Half Dollar Grade SP67+ was valued in 2015 for $15,000, and in 2020, it was valued for $108,000, rising 620% in five years. 

A 1909-D Indian Head $10 Grade MS60 was worth $1,435 in 2010, and it was valued in 2020 for $101,335, rising an astronomical $6,961% during those 10 years. 

A Greek silver decadrahm sold in 1990 for $528,000, and in 2012, it sold for the astounding sum of $2,918,810, appreciating an amazing 528% during that 22 year span, highlighting the extraordinary growth of ancient coins.

In 1990, this Una and the Lion was valued at approximately $25,000. Recently, it sold at auction for close to $700,000, rising an incredible 2760% during that 30 year span, showing you the incredible growth of European rare coins.

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