1907 $20 Liberty NGC PR66 Cameo JD-1. R.5.

$255,000.00 USD


According to the 2024 Guide Book, the Philadelphia Mint struck only 78 proof Liberty double eagles in 1907, the smallest regular proof production since 1898. There is a small discrepancy in the reports for that year, as delivery records indicate the coins were delivered in quarterly batches of 35, 18, 2, and 21 pieces, for a total of just 76 examples, all told. Researchers have not been able to reconcile the small difference in the production figures. Fortunately, the issue experienced a high survival rate, and John Dannreuther estimates the surviving population at 45 to 60 examples in all grades today. A single die pair was used to strike all the proofs. The reverse die shows a ragged clear polished area in the scroll at PLU that makes it possible to distinguish between proofs and prooflike business strikes.

The 1907 proofs were well produced and show more frost on the devices than was usual on coins from the previous five years. Consequently, a higher percentage of survivors show Cameo, Deep Cameo, or Ultra Cameo surfaces than other dates of that era. This spectacular Premium Gem proof exhibits razor-sharp definition on all design elements and absolutely deeply mirrored fields contrast boldly with the richly frosted devices to create an intense gold-on-black Cameo flash when the coin is tilted in the light. The virtually flawless yellow-gold surfaces add to the fantastic eye appeal of this piece. This coin will be a welcome addition to the finest collection or Registry Set. Very Rare

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