1640 Gold Ducat NGC MS 62

$6,075.00 USD

The Netherland Gold Ducat is a historical coin that holds a significant place in numismatic collections due to its rich heritage and scarcity. Originating in the early 17th century, the Gold Ducat was widely circulated across Europe, reflecting the economic strength of the Dutch Republic during its Golden Age.

The obverse of the Netherland Gold Ducat showcases a detailed depiction of a standing knight. The knight is adorned in full armor, holding a sword in his right hand and a bundle of arrows in his left. The arrows, typically seven in number, represent the unity of the seven provinces of the Dutch Republic. Surrounding the knight is an inscription in Latin, which translates to "Through Concord Small Things Grow."

On the reverse, the coin features intricate Latin inscriptions that reflect its origin and authenticity. The inscriptions are usually in Latin and include phrases like "MO.ORD.PROVIN.FOED.BELG.ADL," which stands for "Money of the Utrecht Province of the United Netherlands." The reverse design is simple yet profound, emphasizing the coin’s importance as a symbol of the economic power and unity of the Dutch Republic during its peak.

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