(1630-47) Spain Gold 4 Escudos King Philip IV NGC MS 63

$20,000.00 USD


King Philip IV reigned from 1621 to 1665, a time marked by the complexities of the Thirty Years' War and Spain's continued colonial expansion. The Gold 4 Escudos, also known as "Doubloons," played a pivotal role in international trade and commerce, particularly within Spain's vast overseas empire. These coins were often minted in Spanish colonial mints such as those in Mexico and Peru, which were central to Spain's economic might.

The obverse of this gold coin features the crowned coat of arms of the Kingdom of Spain. The shield at the center is quartered, displaying the castles of Castile and the lions of León, the traditional heraldic symbols of the Spanish monarchy. Topping the shield is the ornate royal crown of Spain. 

On the reverse side, the design showcases a large Christian cross set within a quatrefoil, or four-lobed, frame. The cross is the traditional symbol of the Catholic faith, reflecting the devout Catholicism of the Spanish monarchy. The quatrefoil border is a decorative element commonly found on coinage from the Gothic and Renaissance eras.

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