138-161 AD Antoninus Pius AV aureus NGC MS 5/5 - 3/5, Fine Style

$45,300.00 USD

(19mm, 7.08 gm, 6h) Rome, AD 145. ANTONINVS AVG-PIVS P P TR P COS IIII, laureate bust of Antoninus Pius right, seen from behind, drapery on left shoulder / LIB IIII, Antoninus Pius seated left on curule chair placed on platform, Liberalitas standing left before him, coin counter upward in right hand, cornucopia cradled in left, citizen standing right on ground before platform, holding out toga to receive donative. RIC III 141 var. (without drapery). Calicó 1572. Very Rare and possibly the finest specimen known. Incredibly detailed reverse composition in Fine Style that’s simply gorgeous. 

From the Monaco Collection. Ex Collection of a Retired Banker (Numismatica Ars Classica, Auction 111, 24 September 2018), lot 175; Gemini XI (12 January 2014), lot 442

The Ostian Fasti record that the fourth largesse to the Roman people was in the amount of 90 denarii per citizen and took place in spring AD 145, soon after the wedding of Marcus Aurelius and Faustina II. 

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