Hard Asset Money Show -- The Corporate Transparancy Act

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Hard Asset Money Show -- The Escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian War with Tom Fuentes

06/12/24 In a two part series with former assistant director of the FBI, Thomas Fuentes, Christian talks about why President Biden is authorizing US weapons to be launched from Ukraine directly into Russia? Russia has now sent over a carrier group of ships to Havana, and potentially Venezuela, in what looks to be a position in the Caribbean. Both sides are escalating this, and there seems to be no effort on either side to negotiate. Putin’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov says that if NATO countries are sending their weapons into Ukraine to be fired upon Russia, that is an act of war.

Hard Asset Money Show -- U.S. Producer Price Index Escalation

Between 70-80% of manufactured goods that are imported into the United States comes from four countries – China, India, Mexico, and Brazil. The U.S. dollar lost about 16-18% through the first week of May against these foreign currencies. China, which is one of the largest producers of manufactured goods, is starting to increase its pricing models because of inflation, as well as their economic slowdown from their real estate market. The Producer Price Index is going to escalate. What we will see in the near future is hyperinflation, stagflation, adjustable mortgages will go from 2.5% three years ago to 7-8%. The economy is going to go south with no end in sight.

Hard Asset Money Show -- The 2024 Election

In this episode, we talk about the integrity of the election and what if Michelle Obama runs. Christian speaks about how during the 2020 election, she was part of the team Trump attorneys. She was sent to Montgomery, Pennsylvania to monitor voting. They used Covid as an excuse to violate state constitutions and change voting laws. Regarding the upcoming 2024 election, recent news articles are stating that Biden may consider stepping aside for Michelle Obama, and this may happen during the August democratic convention in Chicago.