Hard Asset Money Show -- 10 Year Treasury Yield vs. Consumer Price Index

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Hard Asset Money Show -- When Transitory Leads to Permanent Inflation Mistakes

01/11/22 - Inflation is here to stay. In fact, it has been aggressively growing over the last 12-18 months. Inflation has been growing much faster than rising wages, which can lead to the next recession. During this same stretch, rare coin prices have been going through the roof.
Hard Asset Money Show -- America Is Already In A Recession

12/02/21 - Inflation is a by-product of a country's economic success. However, that success comes at a very high cost. The cost of goods and services are going up, but real world wages aren't going up nearly as quickly. Part of the reason is because of artificial stimulation due to the effects of the Covid pandemic.
Hard Asset <b>Money</b> Show -- China Real Estate Market
Hard Asset Money Show -- China Real Estate Market

10/27/21 - One of the largest real estate companies, Evergrande, is in an enormous pile of debt, owing $325 billion dollars. In the third quarter of the ongoing financial year, official Chinese data revealed that GDP growth stood at 4.9 percent, down from 7.9 percent in the previous quarter, while Goldmans cut its entire 2022 GDP forecast from an already low 5.8% to just 5.4%.