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Hard Asset Money Show -- Debt Levels

10/25/21 - The United States and the world are awash in massive record debt levels. Government debt to GDP per country and external debt to GDP per country has skyrocketed to staggering record levels. Many top economists around the world are now sounding the alarm that these debt levels are unsustainable and if they can ever be fully paid back, which can signal an unprecedented currency collapse.

Hard Asset Money Show -- IMF and the U.S. Growth Forecast

10/21/21 - The IMF recently slashed its 2021 growth forecast for the United States by one full percentage point to 6%, the biggest reduction suffered by any G7 economy in its latest World Economic Outlook.

Hard Asset Money Show -- Will China's Real Estate Trash The Global Economy? Part 2

10/04/21 - Chinese state owned banks lent money to state owned companies, who built dozens of new cities. After these companies ran out of money, the government then told them to buy their state owned assets, financing these companies a second time.