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1882 Alfonso XII 4 Pesos NGC MS62+

$2,475.00 USD


Coin ID: 4929621-001

KM 151, especially choice with a bold strike and lovely light yellow gold color, rarely seen so choice. Struck for only six years, 1880-1885, this 1882 is the only really collectible year; two dates have reported minting but no coins have been located. The rarity of these gold coins can probably be attributed to melting during the revolution which began in the summer of 1896, effectively ending the Spanish colonial era. Few gold 4 Pesos of this type exist which this much eye-appeal. KM value for "UNC" is $4,000 and this coin is surely worth more than that.

Alfonso XII (28 November 1857 – 25 November 1885), also known as El Pacificador or the Peacemaker, was King of Spain,reigning from 1874 to 1885.After a revolution that deposed his mother Isabella II from the throne in 1868, Alfonso studied in Austria and France. His mother abdicated in his favour in 1870, and he returned to Spain as king in 1874 following a military coup against the First Republic. Alfonso died aged 27 in 1885, and was succeeded by his unborn son, who became Alfonso XIII on his birth the following year.