Maximilian I Gold Ducat PCGS XF 40

$11,813.00 USD

Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor from 1493 to 1519, was a key figure in European history, known for his efforts to strengthen the Habsburg dynasty through strategic marriages, military campaigns, and administrative reforms. The Gold Ducat minted in 1513 represents the economic power and extensive influence of the Habsburg Empire during Maximilian's reign.

Obverse Details

The obverse of the Gold Ducat features a detailed portrait of Emperor Maximilian I. The emperor is depicted in regal attire, often with a crown and armor, symbolizing his authority and military capabilities. The surrounding Latin inscription reads, "MAXIMILIANVS D G R I S A," which stands for "Maximilianus Dei Gratia Romanorum Imperator Semper Augustus," meaning "Maximilian, by the Grace of God, Emperor of the Romans, Ever August." This design highlights Maximilian's imperial stature and his significant role in European politics.

Reverse Details

The reverse of the coin is characterized by prominent Latin inscriptions that detail Maximilian's titles and domains. The inscription reads: "IMPERAT ARCHUDVC AVSTRIESE PVLTVRAA MDXIII," translating to "Emperor Archduke of Austria, of Burgundy, 1513." This inscription not only underscores Maximilian's extensive titles and territories but also reinforces the coin's authenticity and historical significance.