Gold Rose Noble NGC AU 58

$14,175.00 USD

The Gold Rose Noble, also known as "Gouden Rozenobel," was minted during the early 17th century, a period characterized by the Dutch Republic's significant growth in trade and naval power. The Dutch Golden Age saw the Republic become a major player in global commerce. The Gold Rose Noble was a crucial medium of exchange, reflecting the Republic's economic prowess and extensive maritime activities.

Obverse Details

The obverse of the Gold Rose Noble typically features a detailed depiction of a ship, highlighting the centrality of seafaring and trade to the Dutch economy. The ship is often adorned with flags and sails, sailing on a stylized sea, symbolizing the Dutch Republic's naval strength and exploration efforts. Surrounding the ship are inscriptions in Latin or Dutch, indicating the authority under which the coin was minted and emphasizing the maritime theme.

Reverse Details

The reverse of the coin usually showcases a rose at the center, giving the coin its name, "Rose Noble." The rose is often surrounded by intricate designs and heraldic elements, including shields bearing the coat of arms of the issuing province or city. This design reflects regional pride and the federated structure of the Dutch Republic. The inscriptions around the rose often include the date and phrases that denote the coin's origin and authenticity, adding to its historical value.