Gold Louis D'OR King Louis XIII NGC AU 55

$9,113.00 USD

The Louis d'Or coins were first introduced under the rule of King Louis XIII in 1640 as part of a monetary reform aimed at stabilizing the French economy. These coins were minted in various denominations, with the gold Louis d'Or being one of the most prominent. The Louis d'Or symbolizes the monarch's authority and the economic might of France during a period of significant political and military developments.

The obverse of the Louis d'Or features a regal portrait of King Louis XIII, often shown facing right, wearing a laurel wreath or a similar royal adornment. The king's likeness is surrounded by inscriptions that typically include his name and titles, such as "LVD XIII D G FR ET NAV REX," which translates to "Louis XIII, by the Grace of God, King of France and Navarre." This portrait conveys the king's sovereignty and the divine right to rule.

The reverse side of the coin is equally captivating, usually showcasing the royal coat of arms of France, which includes the iconic fleur-de-lis. The arms are often crowned and flanked by additional regal symbols, encapsulating the grandeur and authority of the French monarchy. Surrounding the coat of arms are Latin inscriptions that further assert the coin's legitimacy and royal provenance.