Gold Half ECU D'OR NGC MS 61

$11,813.00 USD

The Écu d'Or, including its half denomination, was a prominent gold coin in France from the late Middle Ages through the early modern period. The term "écu" originally meant "shield" in French, referring to the shield designs on the coins. These coins were circulated widely and played a significant role in trade and commerce across Europe.

The obverse of the Gold Half Écu d'Or features a detailed shield. This shield is typically quartered with various heraldic symbols, often including fleurs-de-lis, which are emblematic of French royalty. The design is intricate, with a crown usually depicted above the shield, symbolizing the royal authority and sovereignty of the monarch. Surrounding the shield are Latin inscriptions that denote the reign and titles of the ruling monarch, enhancing the coin's regal appearance.

The reverse of the coin generally showcases the royal coat of arms of France, adorned with the iconic fleur-de-lis. The arms are often surrounded by the Latin motto "CHRS REGN VINC IMP," which translates to "Christ Reigns, Conquers, and Commands," reflecting the divine right of the monarchy. This side of the coin further emphasizes the regal and sovereign themes central to the coin’s design