Gold Gold ECU D'OR PCGS AU 58

$4,725.00 USD

The Écu d'Or was a major gold coin in France, first introduced in the 13th century and used extensively throughout the medieval and Renaissance periods. It played a crucial role in international trade and symbolized the economic strength and stability of the French monarchy. The coin's name, "écu," is derived from the French word for shield, a nod to its distinctive design elements.

Obverse Details

The obverse of the Gold Écu d'Or typically features a shield bearing the royal coat of arms of France. The shield is adorned with the iconic three fleurs-de-lis, representing the French monarchy. The shield is often surmounted by a crown, emphasizing the divine right and sovereignty of the king. Surrounding the shield are inscriptions that include the name and titles of the reigning monarch, such as "FRANCISCVS I D G FRANCORVM REX," meaning "François I, by the Grace of God, King of the French." This design element underscores the regal authority and historical significance of the coin.

Reverse Details

The reverse of the coin often features a cross potent, a cross with equal-length arms that end in T-shaped projections. This cross is usually accompanied by smaller fleurs-de-lis in each quadrant, symbolizing the unity and strength of the French kingdom under the Catholic faith. The inscriptions around the cross typically include religious or royal mottos and the date of minting, reinforcing the coin's authenticity and its connection to the era's religious and political climate