1498-1515 Gold ECU D'OR King Louis XII NGC MS 62

$5,063.00 USD

The Gold Écu d'Or minted during his reign symbolizes the economic stability and royal authority of his administration. King Louis XII ruled France from 1498 to 1515, a period marked by efforts to strengthen the monarchy and expand French territories. Known as the "Father of the People," Louis XII was popular for his efforts to reform the legal system and reduce the tax burden on his subjects

The obverse features the royal coat of arms with three fleurs-de-lis, symbolizing the French monarchy. The shield is crowned, emphasizing the king's sovereignty. Surrounding the shield are Latin inscriptions: "LVDOVICVS XII D G FRANCORVM REX," meaning "Louis XII, by the Grace of God, King of the French."

The reverse showcases a large cross potent, a cross with equal-length arms ending in T-shaped projections, surrounded by smaller fleurs-de-lis in each quadrant. Inscriptions include religious or royal mottos and the date of minting, reinforcing the coin's authenticity.