Gold ECU D'OR King Charles IX NGC MS 62

$12,825.00 USD

King Charles IX ruled France from 1560 to 1574, a period marked by the French Wars of Religion between Catholics and Huguenots. The Gold Écu d'Or, minted in 1595, reflects the era's economic conditions and the monarchy's efforts to assert control and stability in a tumultuous period.

Obverse Details

The obverse of the Gold Écu d'Or features the French royal coat of arms. The shield is adorned with three fleurs-de-lis, representing the French monarchy. The shield is often surrounded by ornate detailing and topped with a crown, emphasizing the divine right and sovereignty of the king. Encircling this central motif are inscriptions that denote the monarch's titles and the coin's minting authority, reinforcing the legitimacy and power of the French crown.

Reverse Details

The reverse of the coin typically features an intricate cross design, often referred to as the "cross potent." The cross is usually flanked by fleur-de-lis in the quadrants, symbolizing the unity and strength of the French kingdom.