Gold ECU D'OR Francois I NGC AU 55

$3,848.00 USD

François I ruled France from 1515 to 1547, a period marked by the Renaissance's flourishing art, culture, and exploration. His reign was notable for strengthening the French monarchy, expanding the kingdom's influence, and fostering cultural advancements. The Gold Écu d'Or minted during his rule symbolizes the prosperity and power of France under his leadership.

Obverse Details

The obverse of the Gold Écu d'Or features the royal coat of arms of François I. The shield is adorned with three fleurs-de-lis, representing the French monarchy. The shield is typically crowned, emphasizing the king's sovereignty and divine right to rule. Surrounding the shield are inscriptions in Latin that include the name and titles of François I, such as "FRANCISCVS I D G FRANCORVM REX," meaning "François I, by the Grace of God, King of the French." This design highlights the regal authority and historical significance of the coin.

Reverse Details

The reverse of the coin showcases a large cross potent, a cross with square, equilateral arms, a design often used in medieval heraldry. The cross is typically accompanied by smaller fleurs-de-lis in each quadrant, symbolizing the unity and strength of the French kingdom under the Catholic faith.