Gold 2 Alb PCGS AU 58

$11,813.00 USD

The Gold 2 Albertin was issued during a period when Belgium was under the rule of King Albert I. King Albert I, known for his leadership during World War I, reigned from 1909 to 1934. His reign is remembered for his steadfast leadership and the defense of Belgian neutrality. The Gold 2 Albertin coins were minted to reflect the nation's sovereignty and economic strength.

Obverse Details

The obverse of the Gold 2 Albertin typically features a portrait of King Albert I. The king is depicted facing left, showcasing a dignified and resolute expression. Surrounding the portrait is an inscription in French or Flemish, depending on the region of issuance, usually stating "ALBERT I ROI DES BELGES" or "ALBERT KONING DER BELGEN," meaning "Albert I, King of the Belgians." This design emphasizes the king's role and the national pride of Belgium.

Reverse Details

The reverse side of the coin generally features the Belgian coat of arms, which includes a crowned shield with a rampant lion, symbolizing strength and bravery. The shield is often flanked by laurel branches, signifying victory and peace.