France Gold Double Louis D'OR, King Louis XVI

$5,400.00 USD

The France Gold Double Louis d'Or featuring King Louis XVI is a numismatic masterpiece that vividly encapsulates the grandeur and authority of the Bourbon monarchy. Struck during the reign of Louis XVI, whose rule spanned from 1774 to 1792, this coin stands as a tangible relic of a bygone era. On its obverse, a stately portrait of Louis XVI, facing right, typically adorns the coin, showcasing his regal lineage and sovereign status. This depiction often portrays the king adorned in the ornate attire of his era, with intricate details conveying the majesty of his reign. Surrounding the portrait, inscriptions such as "LOUIS XVI ROI DE FRANCE ET DE NAVARRE" (Louis XVI, King of France and Navarre) may be present, reaffirming his royal authority.

Flipping the coin reveals its reverse, adorned with the iconic French coat of arms—a striking emblem featuring the fleur-de-lis, the royal crown, and other heraldic elements. This design not only emphasizes the monarchy's authority but also symbolizes the rich cultural heritage of France. As a Gold Double Louis d'Or, this coin held considerable value within the French monetary system, reflecting the wealth and stability of the Bourbon regime. These coins were minted with meticulous craftsmanship and were often used in international trade, further enhancing their significance.