895-902 Anglo-Viking. Kingdom of York "Cnut - Cunnetti" Penny ND NGC MS61

$1,975.00 USD

York mint, S-993, N-501. 1.35gm. +CVИ (group of 3 pellets) NET (group of 3 pellets) TI (group of three pellets), small cross pattee, pellets in second and third quarters / C-N-V-T at ends of long cross, R following by a group of three pellets in second quarter, E in fourth, + in third, and group of four pellets in first. Struck during the reign of Cnut of Northumbria, a Norse King whose existence remained undocumented until a hoard of over 3,000 coins bearing his name was unearthed in Cuerdale, Lancashire, England, in 1840. Today, he is theorized to have succeeded Siefredus of Northumbria (c. 895-900), based upon the numismatic evidence gathered from this hoard. Noticeably finer than the current grade would otherwise suggest, with a mixture of light blue and russet patina over lustrous fields. Scare this nice.