796-821 Kings of Mercia Coenwulf Penny ND (c. 810-822/3) NGC MS62

$3,510.00 USD

Canterbury mint, Dealla as moneyer, Cross Crosslet type, S-916, N-356 (VR), SCBI I (Fitzwilliam)-398 = MEC VIII-1054 = EMC-1001.0398, SCBI IV (Copenhagen)-59, SCBI LXVII (British Museum)-147, Blunt, Stewart, Lyon "The Coinage of Southern England, 796-840" (British Numismatic Journal Vol. 32, 1963), 42, Naismith-C38.3 (this coin not recorded). 1.18gm. +COENVVLF REX m (uncial "Mercian" M), draped, bareheaded bust of Coenwulf right / +DEAL + LA MO + NETΛ, cross crosslet with pellet in each angle. An extraordinarily high grade for any 9th-century hammered Penny, and reportedly the finest that NGC has yet certified for a Mercian issue prior to the reign of Burgred. Though mildly chipped and just slightly porous to the obverse, the coin gives every impression of having been lost soon after its minting. Containing one of the few bareheaded portraits of Coenwulf available from Canterbury, we would note that we have been unable to locate an obverse die match to this specimen, which was further unrecorded by Naismith. Extremely Rare