68-69 AD Civil War AR Denarius NGC XF 4/5 - 3/5

$3,720.00 USD

Roman Civil Wars (AD 68-69). AR denarius (18mm, 3.36 gm, 8h). Gallic mint, wars of Vindex and Galba, Spring-Summer AD 68. SALVS [GENERIS] HVMANI, Victory standing left on globe, holding wreath in her right hand and palm frond in her left / ·S P Q R· within oak-wreath. RIC 72. BMCRE 34-36. RSC 420. Extremely rare! The piece represents tremendous value for its quality and rarity.

Few ancient coins are as recognizable as the Roman denarius. This small silver coin carries massive historical significance. Produced from 211 BC until the middle of the 3rd century AD, this denomination served as the backbone of Roman coinage and was the inspiration behind many later European coins. These small silver coins were the main denomination of the Roman Republic through the early Roman Empire, and over the course of many magistrates, politicians, and Emperors, millions were minted. Large amounts have survived in hoards until the present, where common issues can actually be quite affordable!