454-378 BC El Hecte NGC Ch VF 5/5 - 5/5

$6,300.00 USD


LESBOS. Mytilene. Ca. 454-378 BC. EL sixth stater or hecte (11mm, 2.56 gm, 6h). Head of Ares right, bearded, wearing crested Attic helmet embossed with forepart of griffin / Calf's head right within incuse square. Bodenstedt -, cf. 65 for obverse, cf. 56 for reverse (see ROMA 10, lot 460 for another example struck from the same die pairing). Possibly the second known example and Exceedingly RARE!

Lesbos, sometimes referred to as Mytilini after its capital, is a Greek island located in the northeastern Aegean Sea. It has an area of 1,633 km (631 sq mi) with 320 kilometres (199 miles) of coastline, making it the third largest island in Greece. It is separated from Turkey by the narrow Mytilini Strait and in late Palaeolithic/Mesolithic times was joined to the Anatolian mainland before the end of the last glacial period.