420-375 BC Xerxes II Artaxerxes II 5th-4th century BC AV daric NGC MS★ 5/5 - 5/5

$9,500.00 USD


Coin ID: 3987326-014

Lydo-Milesian standard. Sardes, ca. 420-375 BC. (17mm, 8.38 gm) Persian king or hero, wearing cidaris and candys, quiver over shoulder, in kneeling-running stance right, transverse spear in right hand, bow in outstretched left hand / Irregular incuse punch. Carradice Type IIIb, Group C. Sunrise 28. This piece is certified as high as the grading can go for Ancients at NGC for strike and surfaces and it has a “STAR” designation for eye appeal. It's an amazing and historically important coin for the series collector/investor.