385/4-362/1 BC Datames AR Stater NGC Ch AU 4/5 - 4/5

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Coin ID: 3997113-010

CILICIA. Tarsus. Datames (Tarkumuwa), as Satrap (385/4-362/1 BC). AR stater (22mm, 10.75 gm, 8h). Struck ca. 378-372 BC. Female head facing slightly left, hair in sphendone and wearing necklace / Helmeted and bearded male head right (Ares?); to right, TRDMW in Cilician script. SNG France 262 (same dies). SNG von Aulock 5937 var. (grape bunch). Casabonne type 1. Moysey issue 4. Beautifully toned, with a striking (and rather ferocious) female head. Gorgeous.

Datames (ruled 385 BC – killed 362 BC) was a general and satrap (provincial governor) of Cappadocia under the Persian empire. A Carian by birth, he was the son of Camissares by a Scythian or Paphlagonian mother. His father being satrap of Cilicia under Artaxerxes II, and high in the favour of that monarch, Datames became one of the king's bodyguards; and having in this capacity distinguished himself in the war against the Cadusii, was appointed to succeed his father (who had fallen in that war) in the government of his province. Here he distinguished himself both by his military abilities and his zeal in the service of the king.