361-328 BC Mazaeus AR Stater NGC MS 4/5 - 5/5

$5,000.00 USD


CILICIA. Tarsus. Mazaeus, as Satrap (361-328 BC). AR stater (22mm, 10.98 gm, 5h). Ba'altars seated left, holding lotus-tipped scepter in extended right hand, left hand holding short staff from which hangs grain ear and bunch of grapes; monogram below throne, B'LTRZ in Cilician script right / Lion attacking stag left; MZDY above, retrograde D to lower left; all within incuse square. Sunrise 63 Casabonne Series 1, Group A.SNG France 314. SNG Levante 111. Sunrise 63. RARE! Well struck in exceptional metal, with mirror-like luster. Great value and gorgeous coin. 

In antiquity, Cilicia was the south coastal region of Asia Minor and existed as a political entity from Hittite times into the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia during the late Byzantine Empire. Extending inland from the southeastern coast of modern Turkey, Cilicia is due north and northeast of the island of Cyprus and corresponds to the modern region of Çukurova in Turkey.