305-306 AD Constantius I Gold Aureus NGC MS* 5/5 - 5/5

$150,000.00 USD


Coin ID: 3988028-001 LM

Constantius I Gold Aureus, 5.15g. Issued as Caesar. Trier. Ex Arras Hoard, 384

The aureus of Constantius I, also known as Constantius Chlorus, is among a small group of coins found as part of the Arras Hoard in northern France on May 22, 1922. This stunning specimen features his right facing laureate head on the obverse, and on the reverse Jupiter holding a scepter, facing Hercules. The two are depicted holding the goddess Victory between them.

NGC has only handled 14 pieces in total, and this coin is the third finest with perfect strike and surface grades, and star designation for superb eye appeal. A work of tremendous engraving skill, with blazing as-struck luster and crisp detail rarely seen on Roman gold from this period. An elite rarity.