286-310 AD Maximian AR Argenteus NGC MS★ 5/5 - 5/5


Maximian, first reign (AD 286-305) (19mm, 2.75 gm, 12h). Ticinum, AD 295. MAXIMIA-NVS AVG, laureate head of Maximian right / VIRTVS MILITVM, six-turreted walled enclosure with arched entrance, before which the four Tetrarchs sacrifice over tripod. RIC 18b. RSC 622d. Sharply struck, beautifully toned and flawless. RARE this nice.

Maximian was Roman Emperor from 286 to 305. He was Caesar from 285 to 286, then Augustus from 286 to 305. He shared the latter title with his co-emperor and superior, Diocletian, whose political brain complemented Maximian's military brawn. Maximian established his residence at Trier but spent most of his time on campaign. In late 285, he suppressed rebels in Gaul known as the Bagaudae. From 285 to 288, he fought against Germanic tribes along the Rhine frontier. Together with Diocletian, he launched a scorched earth campaign deep into Alamannic territory in 288, temporarily relieving the Rhine provinces from the threat of Germanic invasion. In early 310, Maximian attempted to seize Constantine's title while the emperor was on campaign on the Rhine. Few supported him, and he was captured by Constantine in Marseille. Maximian killed himself in mid-310 on Constantine's orders.