250-200BC AR Didrachm MS

CARIAN ISLANDS. Rhodes. Ca. 250-200 BC. AR didrachm (21mm, 6.83 gm, 11h). NGC MS 5/5 - 4/5. Aristokritos, magistrate. Radiate head of Helios facing slightly to right /  ΑΡΙΣΤΟΚΡΙΤΟΣ above Rose with bud to left; below, Ρ Ο flanking stem, aphlaston to left. Ashton 219. BMC 138. SNG Keckman 546. Deeply struck in bright metal from dies of attractive style. RARE this nice.

The Greek historian Herodotus recorded that Carians themselves believed to be aborigines of Caria but they were also, by general consensus of ancient sources, a maritime people before being gradually pushed inland. Plutarch mentions the Carians as being referred to as "cocks" by the Persians on account of their wearing crests on their helmets; the epithet was expressed in the form of a Persian privilege when a Carian soldier responsible for killing Cyrus the Younger was rewarded by Artaxerxes II (r. 405/404–359/358 BC) with the honor of leading the Persian army with a golden cock on the point of his spear.


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