2022 5 Pounds Unique Elizabeth II gold Proof Trial "Platinum Jubilee" NGC PR69 Ultra Cameo

$22,700.00 USD

Unique Elizabeth II gold Proof Trial "Platinum Jubilee" 5 Pounds 2022 PR69 Ultra Cameo NGC, KM-Unl. Mintage: 1. A unique and unbelievable opportunity this represents for the advance collector/investor to acquire one the rarest and most important coins ever minted. The representative gorgeous piece which was struck for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in this expansive 5 Pound denomination, yet one in a handful of “Trials" produced by the Royal Mint for their modern coin series. Displaying a reimagined arms of the United Kingdom and Elizabeth's iconic Jody Clark portrait flanked by the now instantly recognizable hallmarks of these trials. The current offering teeters at the cusp of perfection, punctuated by jet-black mirrors that elevate the already impressive and gorgeous "Ultra Cameo" appearances. Sure to entice the top-tier collector/investor of unique “Mintage 1” British rarities. Accompanied by the original case of issue and COA #01.