2016 Panda Anaheim - 3 Coin Set NGC PF70

$4,500.00 USD


The single rarest 3 Coin Panda set ever minted by the China Mint. This set consists of the 1oz Gold, 1oz Silver, and 40mm Copper coins. This 2016 Anaheim China 3 coin set has the most attractive design ever of a U.S. themed Panda featuring the state grizzly bear balancing out the Panda on each side of an image of the 1925 California Jubilee commemorative silver half dollar with a gold miner. The detail is so exceptional, that the image of that coin in the center clearly shows the original 1925 date of that coin. In addition, the coin has a bamboo forest mirrored against a redwood forest on each side of the Hollywood Hills sign. The reverse of the coin depicts the lamp of knowledge of the science of coin collecting.

This coin represents a first of its kind in many respects, including:

  • First ever Panda with "Liberty" inscribed
  • First ever Panda with "In God We Trust" inscribed
  • First ever Panda shares top billing with the California State "Brown Bear"
  • First ever Panda with COA # scripted on coin 
  • First Panda promoting the Film Industry of "Hollywood"
  • First Panda to have the number & purity inscribed onto edge