2016 Panda ANAheim - 3 Coin Set PF70

The single rarest 3 Coin Panda set ever minted by the China Mint. This 3 set consists of the 1oz Gold, 1oz Silver, and 40mm Copper coins all certified by either NGC or PCGS. We have only 1 complete set available!

  1. First ever Panda with "Liberty" inscribed
  2. First ever Panda with "In God We Trust" inscribed
  3. First ever Panda shares top billing with the California State "Brown Bear"
  4. First ever Panda with COA # scripted on coin 
  5. First Panda promoting the Film Industry of "Hollywood"
  6. First Panda to have the number & purity inscribed onto edge

This is a rarity of rarities, never has there been so few in population for any Panda issue!

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