2016 Panda Honolulu 5 Coin Set PF69

"The China Mint is acknowledging the Hawaii State Numismatic Association’s 53rd Coin Show with the release of a special commemorative show panda issue. This continues a 32 year tradition of panda friendship issues for overseas numismatic events. The recent ANA convention in Anaheim had a very successful release of China gold & silver pandas on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the organization. Long lines daily during the apportioned release sold out the entire show allotment. The aftermarket has risen to triple or more. The Honolulu HSNA pandas were issued in 1 oz silver, 1 oz gold, 1/10 bimetal, 1 gram gold, and 2 gram silver.”  – HAWAII STATE NUMISMATIC ASSOCIATION

One of the rarest sets ever minted by the China mint. This 5 coin gold and silver set has a mintage of only 200 worldwide. 

Supplies are extremely limited.

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