1954 Gold 500D NGC MS 63 PL

$6,683.00 USD

The Morocco Gold 500 Dirhams, graded NGC MS 63 PL, is a significant piece representing the country's rich cultural heritage and modern numismatic history. Issued in limited quantities, this coin holds substantial value for both its gold content and its historical importance.

The obverse of the coin typically features the portrait of King Hassan II, who reigned from 1961 to 1999. The detailed engraving captures the king's likeness, accompanied by inscriptions in Arabic that highlight his title and the coin's denomination.

The reverse side often showcases iconic symbols of Morocco, such as the national coat of arms or emblematic imagery reflecting the country's traditions and values. This side usually includes inscriptions in Arabic, indicating the coin's issuance date according to both the Gregorian and Islamic calendars.

The Morocco Gold 500 Dirhams in MS 63 Prooflike (PL) condition is particularly prized for its sharp strike and reflective surfaces, enhancing its visual appeal. This coin is a coveted item among collectors, offering a blend of aesthetic beauty and historical significance tied to Morocco's modern era.